98 Dodge Dakota

I have a 98 Dodge Dakota with 5.2 V8. On the way home today all my gauges and warning lights started going on and off and then gauges stopped working all together and all the warning lights stayed on. The engine was running fine and after pulling over and checking things out, I made the last mile or so home OK. Checked fuses and battery connection and everything looked Ok. Relay or Computer? Any ideas?

I would have the battery and alternator tested at a large auto parts store. Computers must have the proper voltage in order to function properly. Make sure and check both battery cables for cleanliness and tightness. That’s where I would start.

I took Misslemans advise and ran over and had the battery and alternator checked out. Both were OK. Alternator was a little low at 13.6V.

Almost forgot. They checked the PCM for errors and didn’t find any. Now I’m really lost.

Perhaps the problem is in the instrument cluster