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Fix It Again, Tony?

Just what Chrysler needs (not)!


Well, Fiat has to do something with all that money they got out of GM! This is almost as good as VW using Chrysler minivans - Chrysler build quality, VW service!

So as I read the article FIAT’s strength in small-fuel efficient cars will be what helps Chrysler to regain their share of the market. I’m looking out of my office window and can see the parking lot . . . SUVs, Off-Road full size pickups, sports cars, c’mon . . . Americans don’t want small FIAT type cars. A few months ago everyone was crying over $4 a gallon gas . . . how about now? Rocketman

Congress CANNOT design a car that people will buy. I wonder what makes them think that they can? Sure, sure, people should do this and that, and not some other thing; but, We, out here in World, know differently.


Make this another vote for…HUH?

The new CAFE standards will FORCE the US manufacturers to offer fue-efficient cars in thwe near future, whether they want to or not.

It is of course debatable whether US drivers will buy Fiats when good Asian cars from Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Honda,Suzuki, etc are available for the same price or less. For Chrysler this is a survival strategy which probably won’t work.

Chrysler doesn’t need for Congress to design, or mandate, a small Fiat-like car for it to produce. Nor, does Chrysler need to buy, or be pushed, into accepting such an idea.

Don’t you think we need a little Yugo right now? :wink:

BTW, in honor of our esteemed hosts, should that be:

Fix It Again, Tommy?

You will neeed an average CAFE national fleet mileage of 35mpg in the future, more in 14 other states, including California, the biggest market by far. Without a line of econoboxes or hybrids, it’s impossible to achieve this. The alternative for Chrysler is to stop selling anything with a V8. This has nothing to do with consumer tastes, the opinions of anyone on this board, or affordability. It’s the law.

Then again FIAT/Chrysler could introduce uber high mileage(diesel). Hopefully something appealing here.

Chrysler will pick up small engine and transmission technology from Fiat, Fiat would have cars sold at Chrysler dealers, I think it is a good meld and I would buy a fiat as my next car, given the frowned upon extended warranty.

Toyota and Honda were junk back in the 70’s. Sorry fans.

FIAT has come a long way from their last entries in the US. The same is true for all makers. In Europe the Fiat Panda made it into a top 10 most reliable vehicle and its peers were some other Euro (Skoda) and Honda/Toyota.

I had the great opportunity of renting an Alpha Romeo(owned by FIAT) in Europe. Italians know style and design which obviously US and Japanese makers completely lack. The Mini is quite successful, hopefully they bring over or produce a more swoopy model beyond their mundane FIAT offerings.

I rented a FIAT in the UK 2 years ago . . . nice little car, but smaller than anything I’ve ever driven in the States. I don’t see it, but agree with you at least on the design aspect . . . some very pretty cars are made by the Itlaians. Rocketman

Check these Alfas out…

Chrysler apparently is asking for a $3 billion handout to develop and tool up for small Fiat-based cars to meet the new EPA mileage standards. With a low dollar, imported and modified Fiats would 'be priced 'way above Korean and other small cars.

We have 2 years to kick this one around before any Fiat products make it here.