Fix Glazed Brakes?


The guys at the shop say my 93 Bonneville has glazed pads and rotors on the front. There is plenty of pad left. Will it work to get the rotors turned and sand off the glaze on the pads with an emery cloth or fine sandpaper?


Is there a problem? Pads usually appear glazed after a week or two of use. If the brakes have been working, then I think you are being scammed. If they haven’t been working properly, then go to someone else.


The car has plenty of stopping power but the brakes pull slightly to one side and make some noise. The shop says the pull is due to more glazing on one side than the other.


[b]The glaze can be removed from the rotors using a special resurfacing disc made by 3M.

The glaze can be removed from the pads by rubbing them on a an 850 grit piece of sandpaper placed over a sheet of glass.