First car and first kiss

Olds dynamic 88, and Donna, Dynamic Donna!

Wifey was Ambassador Chris!

Buick Special…Judy and yes…she was very special.

Olds Delta 88 and Cheryl, neither lasted very long.

Special Judy and Delta Cheryl, fun!

1946 Buick Roadmaster and Joanne. Perfect drive-in theater car!

P.S. Carolyn, some of us are clearly “dating” ourselves.

First car? 1961 Beetle.
First kiss? Sue, long before I was able to drive.

First car: 1971 Dodge Charger SE with beautiful Prussian Blue paint and black leather interior.
First kiss: I’ll never forget…what’s her name…


First kiss before first car; don’t remember.
First kiss in first car a '59 Impala. Nicki.

Second kiss in first car (not Nicki) started out bad. A 100 pound blond Barbie doll took a liking to me and asked me out. When I went to pick her up on Friday evening she said that “Jocko” was going along with us. So who or what is Jocko I asked? Her foot tall spider monkey as I soon found out. My attitude went sour very quickly and soon got much worse.

A mile down the road that chimp was bouncing all over the back seat and on the package shelf; screeching and waving at other cars and I swear even gave the one-fingered salute to a few of them. It was difficult to see it all in the rear view mirror.
Eventually the monkey jumped up front in between us. He then started pulling the knobs off the radio and hanging from the rear view by his tail while trying to help me steer the car.
At that point I’m boiling and pulled over. I told her the simian goes home or the date is over.
So back to the house where that disgusting critter was put into his backyard monkey cage.

Our relationship was short-lived. The chimp was more intelligent than she was. Apparently some neighbor wasn’t too fond of a screeching mini-zoo close to their backyard and the animal ended up poisoned. That almost put Ms Psycho over the edge… :frowning:

Could have been worse. The monkey could have kissed you and slipped you the tongue.

First kiss, I was still riding my 26inch bike and her name was Donna. Damn that hay was scratchy.

First kiss in a car…my 57 chevy wagon and her name was Beth.


I’ve had kisses before…but my first car coincided with my first girlfriend, Lisa. Car was an '85 Camry.

Car was ok and I drove it until 1995, when the AT went. As I recall, both front bucket seats reclined fully…

the car was a raggety old Honda that got condemned at the inspection station…

the kiss was better, just two shy kids who passed in the afternoon…, I was riding a skateboard that day…

First kiss predated first car.
But…First ‘‘car’’ ?..68 Doge van, lwb .
THIS was the car to date in.
she sat beside me on the engine doghouse.
took out the rear seats and had carpet…removable for the band gear.
… STILL have the girl ! :slight_smile:

First kiss was Donna in high school. Brief but “eventful” relationship.

First car was a 1960 Chevrolet Impala 4 door sedan named “Big Al.” Dark grey with houndstooth interior. Once again, a brief, but eventful relationship. Still have the speedo cluster…

Wow, Ken, that is a great tale! That is a long time to be with one woman in today’s society!

First car, 1950 Chevrolet. First kiss: so who kisses and tells?

First "Kiss"
64 Bug…
Not Fast…
She Was!

1974 Cadillac and a girl named Kelly.

What are we, Facebook here? What next, we all start friending each other?

(In my best hippie voice) What’s with the negative waves, man???

62 Ford Galaxy. Sundae Suzie. First and only date w/Sundae Suzie. The first thing she said after getting into my car was “What, no armrests?” … lol …