Firebird Hesitates or Stalls Out

I have a 94 Firebird Formula with the 350 LT1 engine mated to a 6 speed transmission. About 15,000 miles ago my cousin and I worked on my firebird because it would buck after it warmed up. I put a Dynaspark distributor in it, a MSD 6A ignition box, MSD 8.5mm sprark wire set, NKG spark plugs & a cold air induction kit. Before we did that, my garage went over the fuel system and cleaned it out. I run only 93 octaine fuel according to the manuals recomondation for top preformance and occasionally put Lucas Injector Cleaner in my tank as well. Lately it started to hesitate,especially at takeoff and twice it stalled on me for no reason. 1st time I was shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear and the car just died. I pulled over to the side, made sure that my battery cables were tight, got back in the car and it started right up. The second time I was just pulling out and it died. I had given it plenty of gas, so it was not me that stalled it off. Once again the car started right up, but this time when I took off I could smell a burnt odor; which may have been my clutch because I stalled in the middle of the road and wanted to get out of the intersection fast. I have heard people talk about computer boards cracking and heating up causing eratic behavior, I was hoping someone could either support or shoot this theory down.