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Firebird headlights

Both headlights on my 95 Firebird illuminate but only one is actually popping up. I’ve heard this can be gears and I’ve heard it can be an actual motor and I’ve heard it could be some sort of headlight module. So if both are turning on but just one is not popping up is it more likely to be one specific problem?

No, the problem could be the gears or the motor. Not sure what you mean by “module” since, I believe these have relay that powers up or down and are not controlled by a small computer control module.

If you turn the headlights on and you can hear the motor running (or grinding noises) on the one that won’t open, it is likely the gear. It costs $12 but you have to remove the headlight motor and open it up to replace the gears.

Either the relay or the motor has likely failed if you hear nothing. Test the voltage to the motor. If it has voltage, then it isn’t the relay, its the motor.

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From what I see when the switch is in “head”, voltage is applied to the hi and lo circuits via the dimmer switch. Likewise, the same voltage is applied to the door motor control module, so the doors open. Check that voltage gets to terminal “A” of C1 on the motor control module when the headlights are on. “B” and “E” of C1 should always have power. The headlamp door control module looks to be located near the drivers side headlight. There’s also a daytime running light module option, but that’s back on the firewall.