Fire hazard "remotely" connected to cars

No particular info on the car, but I think I made the right decision when I did not get the lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids.

Back in my career, lithium batteries were forbidden on USN submarines.

Imagine if that was a full sized automobile…

Fire in electric cars are miserable and dangerous to put out.


I don’t know what mine are but I recharge them every night. Then I got one of those new fangled battery boosters and put it in my trunk. What are ya gonna do though. Those batteries are everywhere I think.

Look at the number of incidents and fatalities involving lithium batteries and aircraft. If this were widely publicized many might choose to take the bus or hitchhike.

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So do they have those “containment bags” readily available on a flight? Makes me feel a little better if they do. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon though, except by car.

They’re part of the firefighting kit. It’s basically an aluminized fabric bag with a way to fold over the opening and smother a fire. Glad to know their use is SOP.