Flood damaged EVs catching fire

A problem with your EV when mother nature decides to flood your town… EV fires caused by shorted batteries. Our local news reported that the Naples Fire Department wants you to drag your EV out of the garage and away from your home or other cars so it doesn’t burn down your house if it erupts into flames.

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Must be a danger of toxic fumes as the firefighters have air tanks.

This is the big problem with using lithium batteries large enough to power a car. Back in the late 1990s to early 2000s, electric cars used sealed lead-acid batteries, or NiMH batteries, which do not have this problem (but also did not offer much range on a charge). For years, it was impossible to manufacture large NiMH batteries due to certain patents, but those patents have now expired, and should no longer be an obstacle.

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Problem is also happening with the battery powered bikes that were flooded out.

@Mustangman - any count on how many cars destroyed? The car shortage sure won’t help.

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No total count that I have seen. Might be a bit too soon. I see tow trucks everywhere taking cars away. I think the cars will end up in a large field or lot somewhere close by. If so, I might post a picture, or the local news will.

My BIL’s SIL (make sense?) got her Jeep Grand Cherokee drowned. They went and leased a new one before the old one was even taken away because they were concerned they would not be able to GET another one!

You can add this one to the list…

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Did you come through the storm OK? You probably only recently got power and internet. This is the first post I think I’ve seen from you since before Ian.

How did the car museum in Naples fare/ I hope OK?

Yes, we were very lucky compared to others. 10 days without power but I have a generator hooked up to a transfer switch. not powerful to use the central a/c though. we bought a few window a/c’s before the storm just in case. glad we did. the house has well water with a reverse osmosis system, so we had water. but we did not realize the hot water heater was not hooked up to the transfer switch, so cold showers. but can’t complain.
just lost some ridge roof shingles which we replaced already. a couple of the metal hurricane shutter panels pulled out of the cinder block walls. the wind was so strong for so long. my BIL had his car parked outside parallel to the garage door. the car moved a foot up from where he parked it. I was worried about you and your family. you got hammered just as much if not more than us.


The museum is fine, all the cars were moved to the 3rd floor. That section of the building is Cat 5 rated. Some trees and shrubs got tossed but no water entered the building.


We are safe and dry. No house damage. My truck has a cracked windshield from stress best I can tell.

The power was only off 2 days…a nursing home nearby is the reason. I only used the generator for a short with 10 of my 20 gallon gas supply. It was cool enough not to need the room AC to sleep. Boil water alert is still on.

We got a ton of wind and rain but the nearest water was 1/2 mile away… the river is 3/4 mile away. So those homes got flooded.

Typical coastal buildings are on stilts and park the cars under. The cars get sacrificed in a surge.


Thank you that is good to hear. I have not had to experience a hurricane since Andrew in 92 that is when I left Florida and moved back to Georgia happy to hear you and your family is all well also weekend warrior and family is OK.I was in the Tampa area at that time.


If the water is hot why do you need to heat it?


the water was not hot, hence the cold showers. the hot water heater runs on electric. unlike the gas one we had on Long Island.

Barky was just being difficult. Making the point that it is a water heater not a hot water heater. Like saying a VIN number, so a vehicle identification number number.

Up here in the north country though most water heaters are gas because electric is too expensive. But we don’t get hurricanes, just tornados and blizzards. We may not have heat or lights but we’ll have hot water.


I guess my brain is a little slower than normal. not that its ever fast. :rofl:
I have always called it a hot water heater even though it is not correct. just a bad habit I guess.

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I always say VIN number too, instead of VI number and I’m married to a English teacher. She has never corrected me because she doesn’t know what a vin is or how the water gets hot. I gave up years ago. She does know tires though.


Don’t let her see that grammar! :wink:

It’s not me it’s the dang iPad changing everything I say.


I get that too!