Electric Car Fires aren'the only ones to worry about

Gm shuttered their truck plant saying they had 100 days of inventory which is too much. Mary said . . Mary? Mary? Ford has about 60 days of truck inventory that they think is just fine. Who knows what the real story is? In Econ class though we had some great movies on bank failures and runs. Might want to dust them off but you need the old projector too.

A neighbor had a Li-ion fire last year while a scooter recharged in the garage. IMO BEV scooters are best charged outdoors in case a fire starts. They don’t have the thermal management hardware and software that BEV cars do. For instance, my BEV has temperature sensors and a heat pump to limit thermal runaway. The battery is also a newer version of Li-ion that is significantly less likely to experience thermal runaway. BMW had early fire problems with their BEVs, but that was a parts problem. Once the recall replaced all the malfunctioning parts, the fires ceased.

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