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2015 Toyota Corolla Poor Gas Cap Design?

I got a used 2015 Toyota Corolla from this shady dealership. A few days after when I had to refuel I got a check engine light. Okay no biggie, probably forgot to put the gas cap on proper. The light persists and I check the code; P0442, so its an EVAP problem, and I even bought an OEM gas cap from Toyota. My grip and my question is that the gas cap for the Toyota Corolla is utter garbage. It clicks once and prevents further tightening so great. But with minimal effort I can play with the cap and get it loose. I am not sure if it’s the design of the cap, just not securing enough or it’s doing its job and I have another problem in my EVAP system. But this gas cap just feels super sketchy to me and I was wondering if there is some other way to try and tighten it or to check if my gas cap is really on? I had a 2002 Corolla and that baby had a three click secure and I never worried about that thing coming loose. Anyone had this problem with the 2015 Corolla?

I’m thinking if you already replaced the gas cap with a new OEM gas cap, you have a small leak in the evap system elsewhere. I doubt it’s a problem with Toyota gas caps in general. If you really wanted to test the gas cap seal, I suppose you could fill the gas tank, clear the code from the computer, and seal the gas cap with some duct tape or silicone. If the check engine light returns while driving around with the cap sealed on there, then that isn’t the issue. My wife’s 2013 Toyota has the one click gas cap and we haven’t had this issue, so I honestly think you have a small leak in the evap system elsewhere.


My 2015 Corolla has a one click gas cap and it works just fine. You bought a car from a shady dealer, they are shady for a reason, they sell marginal cars. Do you have a warranty from that dealer? If not you may want to see if a Toyota dealer will honor the warranty, sometimes mfgrs do not honor 3rd party sales. Sometimes they do with emissions related items.