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Fiat Spider Shifting

Father-in-law purchased 1982 Fiat Spider. The car won’t go into 4th gear, scrapes when you let the clutch out. It scrapes a little when you put it in 2nd gear. 1st, 3rd, and Reverse no problem. Changed Syncronisers, no change, put in transmission from doner car, same problem. Anybody had this problem? Need help.

Is this the rear engine Spider? Sounds like a linkage problem… All working gears are up and all non working gears are down?

850 Spider or 124 Spider?? Can you put it into 4th gear with the engine not running?

I’d guess it’s the 124, lots more of them around. But I have no idea on the problem, maybe something wrong with the clutch? Have you joined any of the Fiat forums? That’d be the place to find more folks familliar with these problems.

Sorry for the delay in responding, been out of town. Answers are front engine spider 124. Haven’t tried putting into 4th with engine off, will try and respond. Thanks for the help, don’t leave me!!!

If the transmission mount fails the transmission will drop at the rear and possibly put the shift lever into contact with the floor or the insulation beneath the boot before it can fully engage 2nd and 4th

The car is a 124 model and the transmission will go into 4th gear with the engine off. What do I look for now?

You need to remove the shift boot and inspect for free travel of the shift lever. It there is no obstruction remove the transmission top and check the synchro hubs and shift mechanism.