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1981 Fiat 124 Spider hopped like it was in gear

when I went to start my car it hopped like it was stuck in gear, even though the clutch was engaged. It is going in for service but I’d like to know what to expect as a diagnosis.

Do you mean clutch was dis-engaged?
pedal down is dis-engaged, engine not connected
pedal up is engaged, engine connected to transmission

My (unexpert) guess is the clutch is broken.

Did you try starting it in neutral?

There are so few people that even know what a 124 Spider is and by your description I have no idea what to say. Just hope that who ever is looking at this thing has success .

If your clutch pedal is down and the car jumped when you tried to start it, one of three things have happened.

Your clutch needs adjustment (if there is an adjustment on this clutch.)

If it is a hydraulically operated clutch, your fluid is low, or either the clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder have failed.

Your clutch has worn out and needs to be replaced.


It could be that the car was sitting so long the clutch is stuck to the pressure plate.

Check the level of fluid in the clutch reservoir and if it is low, add more. The type of fluid needed is pretty much always written on the cap. If it is full enough, try pumping the clutch pedal several times and then try to start it. If that works you have air in the clutch hydraulic system somewhere and it needs to be bled and inspected, because it probably has a leak.