Fiat 500 2015 - water in fuel tank when it rains

So, my problem is that my tank always fills up with water when it rains. I have replaced the fuel tank cap, and that didnt solve the problem. This is the second time I have had water in my tank the last month, and it is always associated with rain.

What can be the problem and wow much do you think it will cost? Leaks somewhere? Bad tank?

Thanks for your help!

My initial guess would be a bad filler neck…is your check engine light on? If so what are the codes?

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This is definitely not an internet problem . A shop is going to need to see this vehicle in person . The tank is under the car so I can’t even imagine how this is happening .

My grandparents had this happen with their 94 Ranger. The hose from the tank to the cap rusted/rotted out so when they’d drive in the rain water would splash up and get into the tank. Fuel would also spill out while filling (which is when I finally convinced them to sell the old heap…)