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Fiat 500 2015 fuel pump issues?

So, my fiat 500 2015 has some struggles with starting itself. I have to prime it a few times and give a litle bit throttle to get it started. We have checked the tanks for water etc, but it is alot of dirt in the bottom of the tank and in the fuel pump itself (fuel pump look exactly like this: ) the fuel pump is very dirty, so we suspect that the fuel filter is almost clogged since priming and hitting the fuel pump is good enough for a day or two. It also stops if I turn hard over to the left and gives throttle (like really hard turn). Then I just have to prime it one time and it starts again. If I use the car alot during the day, I have no issues with starting it, only the first try of the day. What should I do? Ask if Fiat can check it out, or should I buy a new pump with a new filter? I dont know if the filter is inside the fuel pump (most likely) or if it is seperately on a other sport(?).

Have a good weekend, and thanks for your help!

This can be properly diagnosed by using a fuel pressure gage. It usually is more expensive to start replacing parts without proper diagnosis. But changing the fuel filter is normal maintenance and based on your inspection it should be replaced.

It sounds like you may need to replace the fuel tank or at least have it cleaned out along with replacing the fuel pump. It may be weak. There may also be a separate fuel filter that should be replaced. Have the fuel pressure checked.