Fender bender

I was recently in a fender bender when i was hit I was in first gear just srarting out clutchjust fully deployed. I was hit in my mitz ecliptz that has two cables that run from the stick to the trans.just after I was hit Inoticed a clunk noise when starting in first.now the car will not go into the lower cable gears unless done manualy.what is wrong.

Probably the position of the transmission relative to the shifter has changed due to the accident. I’d get it checked out before you drive it around anymore- it could indicate some serious structural damage.

I cannot understand your post, paticulary the part about “lower cable gears” and “done manually”.

If I understand your post correctly (and I’m unsure if I do) then the two possibilities that come to my mind are the scenerio that GreasyJack described or that the cutch is no longer disengaging properly. Both could be caused by a change in relative position of the negine/tranny to the respective parts, whether shifter or clutch.

If this has a hydraulic clutch damage could also have caused the fluid to drain out.