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Felt like some power is being disconnected

Hey! It’s me again.

P0401 has already been fixed (for now). Just cleaned the EGR valve. That’s good for now.

Another question. This happened twice already. Im driving, cruising, when I felt likea power got cut off somewhere that made my vehicle jerk forward amd back. Any general idea on the cause?

Reason I ask is that there is an oil leak, confirmed by a Ford mechanic, somewhere, as suspected earlier. And fixing that oil leak, based on what I read from the Internet is around $400 to $900 depending on what is the cause of it.

So before I commit on fixing that oil leak as well as the rear drum brake replacement and battery replacement. I want to know any general idea of what that jerking is all about. I am just avoiding to unnecessarily flush money down the toilet.

An oil leak wouldn’t cause that unless the oil level was very low. I presume you mean the engine power felt like it was being cut on then it came back on. That might be the ignition switch or the fuel pump. Try driving w/just the key in the ignition switch, no key chain.