Help! Ford e-450 still acting up! Engine Hesitation!

ok so i have been going through problem after problem, i have fixed alot, mechanics not really diagnosing it properly either! so i got a transmission rebuild, spark plugs changed, MAF changed, DPFE changed, 10 fuel injectors changed, Coils Changed, air filter, fuel pump, fuel filter and still a problem

i was driving it today and for the first 5 minutes it was perfect then after when i hit the gas it started like shaking a bit and wont accelerate, it will only move like 30km/h! started driving like garbage, it was like a chuckling noise when you press the gas! any ideas? might cut off the catalytic converter and run a straight pipe to see if that fixes the problem, because it idles beautiful just when u hit the gas it runs like shit

As always you’d be better off just sticking with one thread.

New fuel pump & filter or not, is the fuel pressure within specs? Does it stay within specs as you put the engine under load?

There is no need to pull the cat off to see if it helps. A vacuum gauge will tell you easily and quickly whether you have an exhaust restriction or not.

Was the coolant temp sensor checked?

Has the engine’s compression been checked?

Fuel pressure regulator? (See these questions are partly why you need to keep one thread).

Your EGR valve is probably vacuum actuated. Pull the vacuum hose off of the valve, and plug the vacuum line with something. Drive it and see what happens. (Needs to warm up - This will likely set a code).

found it, everyone was over looking the problem, it was a clogged fuel filter, my mechanic said it may clog 3 to 4 more times but changed it and boom perfect now

My fuel pressure gauge cost me $40. Its come in handy more than once.

Thanks for reporting back.