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Lost power while driving and oil drained when I turned it off

I was driving my 2006 Chrysler sebring and while on the highway I lost power and I heard a clicking noise and when I parked oil drained from the bottom of the car. Added more oil and tried to turn it on and it won’t start, it cranks like it wants to but it doesn’t kick on. Had it towed home, called a friend and he told me to look for metal flakes in the dipstick. No flakes on the dipstick but I found one little one on the oil cap. The car was fine this morning and all day until it wasn’t. So before I junior mechanic and duck something off or spend money on a mechanic any suggestions?

Operating without oil usually leads to the end for an engine. If the engine was noisy and through a connecting rod that may cause a hole in the engine and leak oil. If the oil leaked from something like the oil filter the engine will seize after the oil runs low.

Look for the leak, in either case you can buy another old Chrysler for less than the cost of replacing the engine.


Thank you much appreciated.