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Feels like shifting uphill


I’ve got a mazda 6 v6 3.7 from the year 2010 with approx. 69000 miles on the clock. I noticed when going uphill at low or high speeds that the car seems to feel like it is shifting but it actually isn’t. For example when I drive on the highway about 70 going up a hill it feels like it shifts every few seconds even on manual mode in 6th gear. When I hit the gas it shifts back and I don’t feel it anymore. At lower speeds it feels like it is doing a whole lot of shifting at low/medium acceleration. Again if I hit the gas and accelerate faster the car just goes normally up its gears.

I think this is the torque converter doing this, but I am not sure whether it is normal?



It could be the torque converter locking and unlocking, in that case it would be normal. However and automatic will still shift gears in the manual mode if it thinks it needs to, and it may not show on the display.

Do you have a CVT?

No a normal 6 speed atx. I think it is the aisin aw6a-el from googling. I am inexperienced driving atx being from Europe I always drove manual.

Modern automatics are controlled by the computer and it will override the drivers input if it feels it is necessary. In the manual mode, you are only making suggestions.

I don’t think it is shifting though as rpms don’t change at all. My wife’s car doesn’t show the same on the same stretch of road. That is why I’m concerned. Thanks

I don’t think it is shifting though as rpms don’t change at all.

Then this is going to be too weird for diagnosis here probably.

If the rpms are not changing and you are in cruise mode but under a load, that is barely pressing the gas, then the engines fuel trim may be shifting from slightly rick for more power and then back to lean. Your are right on that edge. Give it more throttle and it goes into the power mode to accelerate or pull a steep hill.