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Favorite Street Rod

There are countless ideas about the perfect street rod and it is all in the eye of the beholder. At car shows you will see factory stock, slightly rodded, full blown customs and a growing category called rat rods.

My favorite street rod would be something like a 1923 T-bucket with skinny front tires with spoke rims, Big fatties with Crager SS out back and a Chevy small block. No knobs on the instrument panel, it’s gotta be all toggles and the classic aluminum drum fuel tank in front of the radiator.

What would be your fav street rod and/or have you built one?

There are three…

The Munstermobile
The Outlaw (Big Daddy Roth’s creation of many tears ago)
The Beatnick Bandit (again, a Big Daddy creation)

IMHO those are the finest street rods ever created, by a longshot. There are a lot of great rods out there, but these were truely unique.