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Cars we like and don't like

Pick a category of car and find examples in it you like and don’t like. Post pictures to show them. I’ll start with low riders. I like the one on the left. Older, custom cars riding low on a hydraulic suspension have always appealed to me. The hopper on the right is just awful. I also don’t like the 1980s GM body style. Who’s next?

I love the one on the left. I abhor the one on the right.

Yeah, I’d put a black bag over the window to hide my face, too, if I drove that whatever it is Chevy on the right.

Neat topic!

Modified Japanese imports.

Love the top. Hate the bottom.

I agree with the above comments about the likes and dislikes on the cars shown. Cattle at the packing house don’t get butchered as much as the dislikes shown… :frowning:

My favorite type of car and the one in the pic is exactly like the one I owned; and to think that I bought that car at the time for 450 bucks. Who knew it would be worth well into 5 digits today…


Hate most of the modern stuff. “Slammed” cars, “hoppers”, “shaved” exteriors, to me it’s all junk. Give me a good old fashioned hot rod, like the ones George Barris, Ed Roth, and Darryl Starbird used to build. Those were the good old days of customization.

Whenever I see “Car 54 Where are You”, I just can’t shake the image of Al Lewis on there as Grampa in the Munsters. Talk about having your career type cast.

Al Lewis was a legendary character actor, as was Fred Gwynne. We’ve lost a lot of great actors over the years. And IMHO they just don’t make shows that good anymore. They were just clean, harmless fun.

Through the decades there have been cars I liked and did not like. In the 40s, my favorite was the Chevy Stylemaster Deluxe. In the 50s the Chevy Bel Air with the new V8. In the 60s the Plymout Fury with the small V8. In the 70s I had trouble finding any car I liked.

In the 80s the Chevy Impala/Caprice was my favorite workhorse. In the 90s, it got more complicated, but the Toyota Camry emerged as my favorite. In the 2000s, still the Camry, but the Mazda 626/6 model was a great ride. Today in the 2010s a loaded Mazda6 is still my favorite choice.

I think Boyd Coddington and Chip Foose are two modern car customizes that have done great work. At least Foose will continue to build custom cars.

Boyd Coddington has passed away.
Chip Foose seems to do high quality work, but he’s big into “shaving” cars as well as “slamming” them. That’s okay for the younger crowd, but they’re not styling treatments that I personally like.

One thing that made guys like Ed Roth great in my mind is that they designed and created cars from scratch. Granted, those were highly experimental time sin fiberglass, but the only one I see doing than now is a fella by the name of Randy Grubb. His stuff is created from the ground up. In his case he hammer aluminum.

I detest slammed cars and chopped tops. the butchery of great cars just bothers me.
I like resto- mods. the taking of old stylish cars and making them better and safer.

I like resto-mods too unless someone has taken a complete straight original and mangled it beyond what it was.

Coddington died in 2008. I consider him a modern car builder as opposed to the gentlemen you mentioned, mountainbike. The scratch cars you like are very exciting, but I prefer something that someone might drive if they owned it. If I owned the Munstermobile or Batmobile I don’t think I’d ever drive it.

yeah. I like it to at least look original

I probably would, jt, at least on summer weekends, but I get your point.
And I agree that Boyd Coddington was a modern car customizer.

Interestingly, the Batmobile was made from a Lincoln concept car… with no changes to the cockpit or double-bubble roof. Barris simply extended the rear wings a bit, added some metal to the front, and pained it black… adding the pinstripes later.

The top I like, the bottom I don’t. The top is Billy Gibbon’s Cadzilla, the bottom is just ugly.


It is amazing how closely related these two cars are. The beautiful siren is on the left and the ugly step sister is on the right. Not all versions of the Countach were this ugly, but this one is a disaster. Way past a bad hair day. I’ve always enjoyed the R8, though.

Oohhh this one I like!

And this one I don’t

Not quite off topic, the cars I don’t like are the boom boom bass cars, especially when the rattle of body parts is louder than the bass.