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Favorite Auto Wax Gone

For three years I’ve used Dupont Pro-Fusion Blue (D005). My SUV is a medium blue and so
was the Pro-Fusion. Neighbors asked if my SUV had been repainted! I will never go back
to a traditional clear wax. Unfortunately, this product is out of production. Occasionally,
someone locates a few bottles of leftover stock and sells them on Amazon.

Turtle Wax Color Magic has a dark blue only. Kind of strange since most blue cars I see are
somewhere between light and dark blue. Maybe the Turtle Wax dark blue would be ok with
Blue Flame Metallic, which is the color of my SUV. I really don’t know. I could blend the dark
blue (FG6902) with white (FG6907).

If you google “blue auto wax” a site called The Color Treatment is always near the top of
the list:

I am not familiar with this company. They have no distribution. You must order directly
from them and their shipping costs are high. I sent them an email just to see if they
respond to customers. No reply. If there is no other option, I will buy The Color Treatment.

Are there any other well known companies manufacturing color tinted auto wax?

I dunno, I guess to each his own but I just use the Meguires and am happy with that. I don’t like using silicones on paint if that’s what it is.

Colored Wax? Great Scott! It Should Be Transparent. What Color Motor Oil Do You Use?
For A Good Long Lasting Shine, I Like Nu-Finish, Applied With An Electric Random Orbit Waxer.

Worrying about the color of car wax , someone has too much time on their hands.

I used NuFinish for years and was happy with it, but two years ago I tried Meguires with Carnuba Wax and like it even better.

IMHO the most important thing is to clean it and wax it well and often (3-4 times a year in the northeast, where I live). It’s worked for me for decades.

Guys, I felt the same way until I tried color tinted wax!

The pigment in tinted wax is extremely translucent. It does not change the color of the paint.
You can smear some on gray or black trim. Absolutely no color change!

If you actually care to test this stuff, find a junked car with horrible paint. Apply the correct
color wax. You’ll be amazed how many fine scratches seem to disappear! Like any wax, it
does slowly wash off in the rain or if you use a pressure washer. So what!

I guess a negative reaction at a car forum is normal. It’s hard work cleaning and polishing
a large SUV. The Dupont Pro-Fusion kept my vehicle looking new. Like I said, I will never
go back to a clear wax.

Unfortunately, most car owners do little or nothing to protect the finish on their expensive
vehicles. Whatever you think is best for your car, truck, or SUV is the right thing to do.

Which color dish soap do you prefer, blue or green?

Dye is added to these products to make them more appealing, you wouldn’t buy brown dish soap or car wax.

I don’t see any “negative reaction[s]” in this thread. Are you sure you aren’t being overly sensitive?

In my area the local flea markets is a good place to find stocks of discontinued car waxes. I found several bottles of a brand I liked but is no longer sold in the stores here, so I stocked up. And I continue to see it still being sold there from time to time.

The thing is there are different products for different purposes. A glaze is what fills the tiny imperfections. So you may be using a glaze with a little wax mixed in. Better to clay, polish, glaze, then wax with products designed for each step.