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Faulty muffler?

My 94’ integra just started having an extremely loud engine whenever i give it gas. I know my muffer is rotting from the outside in - so i thought this may be the problem…but the loudness seems to be coming from my engine. Is this a case of a hole in my muffler or something more? Help!

Yes. It could be a hole in the muffler and it could be something more, possibly another hole in another part of the exhaust system.

On a 19 year old car any part of the exhaust system can rust through.

Have you opened the hood to see if you can locate the source of the noise?

Yeah, check the condition of your exhaust manifold.

One other source is each of the joints in the system, like where the manifold and exhaust pipe join, which is under the hood. The first pipe (sometimes called the flex pipe) can be a problem on some cars, too.