Farrari Pickup Truck

I wish I had a way to show pictures, but I dont. I have contacted many kit car sites looking for any information on my truck. It is on a 1984 Toyota frame, however unlike all other kits this one is solid steel. Hope someone can help me. Every kit car manufacture I have contacted says the same thing and that is never seen one before, could be a one of a kind. Hard for me to believe this for it is made out of pressed steel and I can’t imagine making a press mold and othen only making one. Let me know what you think. The Inside is also all custom Ferrari, the truck raises hydraulically about 6 inches, has a 5 speed transmission, tailgate and doors open with the press of a button on key chain, all leather seats and custom dash, plus a boom box stereo. Please reply if only to say “Never heard of one” Thanks, Roger Root I have showed this truck at car shows and everybody says the same thing, “Never heard of a Ferrari Truck.

Any web sites for any of the shows you’ve been in? Many post pictures of past shows, yours might be in there.

Does it look anything like this?

Ferrari is a hand made car. It could be fitted with any body you like. A case in point would be the 456. It was normaly a 2+2 coupe, but was also built as a sedan, convertible, targa, and wagon. I wonder if yours might be a 456 Estate (wagon) that had the cargo area chopped off and finished as a pickup. Provide a better descriiption of the car. What engine does it have, what transmission, is it a 2-seat truck, and provide pictures. I don’t care whether I can identify it so much as I’d like to see what it looks like.

You might also contact the Ferrari factory to see if they have records. Maybe there is a VIN you could present to the factory to see what it was when it was first sold.

I could send you some pictures but I would need a email address.

You can attach a file to your post. Click on “Include audio or video”, then “Browse…” to your file’s location on your pc, just like I did for this inspiration to a rock group - guess which one…

Eagles - Take it Easy.

BTW, I heard Amie by the Flying Burrito Brothers yesterday on XM. That was a welcome surprise.

Thanks texases for the tip. I am new to cartalk.

JTS - not Eagles. Any other guesses?

Jolly Roger - any shot of the front?

It’s definitely not a Ferrari, it’s a modified something, the front would help.

Will have to take some of frount and interior.

REO speedwagon

That’s a one-off custom made from a Toyota pickup (Hilux extended cab), vintage late-'70s, early’80’s.

I recognized the details.

Nice rig.

I agree, Ken.

I think the Ferrari may be a custom S-10. The sharp lines remind me of an S-10 extended cab, as do the tail lights. What engine does it have in it? Are there any stickers on the door jamb or under the hood? Jolly roger, I hope the previous owner did not try to pass it off as a Ferrari.

Nope. Having had Toyota pickups for some 25 years I recognize the side window, the profile, the rear lights, and the bed design and details. I knew it as soon as I saw the pics.

Ken, you’re right. Bonus: What does REO stand for?

Ransom Eli Olds.

It’s a Toyota , the side window is a dead giveaway. Not my cup of tea though. I think the money would’ve been better spent on a SBC swap.

When I read Ferarri truck I thought it’d be something along the lines of the old Lambo LM-001, or whatever they called that monstrocity.


Right, @doubleclutch , those guys got involved in a number of car companies over their lives. Ford had several, Louis Chevrolet too, I think.