Fan Switch not working on #3 setting 2000 Sub Outback

The fan on my 2000 Subaru outback came off the spindle and smurdged itself in the housing and froze.
Blew two fuses in the process… yup it was on #3 setting. I replaced the fan and fuses and all works good except #3 setting (my favorite) does not work.
Is it the switch or is it the control unit? Think it may be a resistor?
Thanks in advance for insight on this.

sorry blower motor fan

usually they go from 1 to 2 to 3 when they die, but since yours chewed up the fan, and blew two fuses, i would suspect the resistor too. its pretty cheap to replace.

do you know how to remove it and check each leg for resistance? that would let you know if it should be replaced.

the official name is ‘blower motor resistor’

this is what it looks like. and you will be trying to find it blind. i dont know where it is in your car!

2000 SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5L 2458cc H4 FI (6) [EJ252] SOHC : Heat & Air Conditioning : Blower Motor Resistor Wiki Price
STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS Part # RU329 More Information About this Part {#72226AE010} Intermotor
[Flag indicates this part fits vehicles sold in the US Market. It does not indicate where the part was made – manufacturers produce parts in multiple factories worldwide.] [Flag indicates this part fits vehicles sold in the Canadian Market. It does not indicate where the part was made – manufacturers produce parts in multiple factories worldwide.]

Part Image

The resistor would be my first guess. But if you have a basic multimeter or even a 12V test light its a fairly simple matter to make sure that the switch is sending signal. Just pull the connector to the resistor & look for 12V in the # 3 position.

Yes,… I wonder if it is the resistor since they may be wired in series and if 3 was out so would 4?.. Perhaps it is in the switch after all. I have seen a couple of different Blower resisters on the web since posting this. Thanks Cappy for doing the research. Thanks Cigroller for your input. I think I may start with the switch… (scratching chin)

The problem is with the blower motor resistor. Blower speeds 1, 2, 3, pass thru the blower motor resistor, but at speed 4 the blower motor resistor is bypassed thru the blower motor high speed relay so direct voltage is applied to the blower motor.


Cool Tester,
Sounds like you know about how the switching works. Do you happen to know where that lil guy is located? Looks easy enough to change once you locate it.

I wouldn’t just replace the resistor - although if I had to lay down a bet that’s what I would bet on.

There isn’t really a need to guess about it. Given that your fan blew a decent charge through the system & blew the fuses it would be worth your while to check the switch. A few minutes with a multimeter would be easy & very informative.

And the resistor pack will probably be stuck up on or near the firewall underneath the dash, between the glove box & control panel. You can just cram your head up under there and follow the fan wiring away from the blower fan. The next thing you hit should be the resistor.

Ding ding ding,
Yes it was simply the resistor. I replaced the resistor and bam #3 my favorite fan level was back.
Thanks guys,