Falling Headliner

What can I use to repair a falling headliner in my Xterra? It just started to fall at the windshield edge to about 3 inches back. I’m in California so the sun is a factor. I tried spray on foam adhesive but it dried out in about 3 weeks and is falling again.

Some auto parts stores sell little plastic thumbscrews for holding up a sagging headliner. These will work on most, but not all, cars. They also work best if they are used at the beginning of the process of the headliner falling down. Once it becomes intolerable, it’s either get a new one or tear out the old one and do without. My old Buick’s headliner has reached the intolerable point and will get ripped out in the near future. The little thumbscrews won’t help it.

I have had good luck with these thumbscrews. It’s an inexpensive way out. If you are fussy, you can install them so they look like maybe they were there when the car was built.

Upholstery screws work well if you don’t mind the way they look. I’ve successfully used them on two cars in the past.