Faint rattle from middle to passenger side at highway speeds

At highway speeds I recently noticed with the radio off on the passenger side somewhere on my 8th gen Honda Civic sedan with 360xxx km a faint almost impossible to hear with the radio on rattle at only 90kmh up anyone have the same problem or have a general knowledge of what the problem is thanks.

The general problem is 360K km. I’d suggest you turn the radio up and ignore it.

You have a rattle on a vehicle with 360000 KM and you wonder if anyone else has the same problem . This is a joke post isn’t it.

I’ve been looking around and people been describeing what the problem is and don’t mention what the fix was the cars in tip top shape and still has a lot of life left just wanted to know what people have to say

Check heat shields - if there, should be tight.

A loose heat shield at the proper speed can begin to rattle.


My Corolla has a slight rattle like that, comes from a little looseness in the interior door handle linkage, passenger side.