Failed Emission Test


My mother’s 1994 Toyota pickup has been sitting for about 6 months - only started it up once or twice. I took it in for its annual smog test and it failed. Could it be the old gas or the fact that it has been sitting?


A '94 model would require a simulated road test. This means you should have a report that spells out which specific test under which conditions failed. Please post these numbers so we can help you better.

Another thing, did you drive the car around a bit to properly warm it up? A car that is still warming up will never pass emissions. I personally will drive a minimum of 10 miles, mixed city and highway, before going to the emissions tester.


One of the best things that you can do before an emission test is to change the spark plugs. If it’s still idling rough, change the spark plug wires. Have a clean air filter in it. After that, more in-depth troubleshooting will need to be done.


No I didn’t drive it around, started it up - idled fine - drove about 2 miles and did the test. The guy at the testing place was less then helpful (talking was not a part of his job function). According to the print out it states as follows: Test Parameter - Idle Speed CO; Results - 3.35%; Additional information if available - Greater than 1.20%

I now have to take it to a 2G Emissions Repair Station - got the name of one from this website. I just wondered if I should drive it until most of the gas is gone, fill it up with fresh gas and then go to the 2G Station? According to the State of Nevada, the maximum I’ll have to spend is $450.00 to fix. Since I was going to have a complete tune-up done on it, as well as oil change I may just do this at the 2G Station. I have no idea when the last time my mother got either a tune-up or oil change.


There is a REQUIREMENT for you to have repairs done at this 2G shop? You don’t have the option to do the repairs yourself?


Yes but not that soon. I would check the spark plugs and air filter and if oil not changed reciently consider adding 2 ounces of sea foam to the oil an rest of a can to the gas. A can costs about $7. Then go for a 20 mile drive and change the oil. A clean air filter will sure help if the one she has is dirty. Hope it then passes with flying colors. Has gottoen many a car to pass as seafoam is a fantaxtic cleaner.


You can do the work yourself, but I have only mastered oil changes. I’m not there yet for anything more than that. I think I could change the air filter, do an oil change and the sea foam stuff. Not sure about the spark plugs. When you take it to one of these 2G shops, they will do a retest before they do anytype of diagnosis. The last time this happened on a differnet car, it was simply a matter of changing the gas cap - cost was nothing. So perhaps if I do the air filter, oil change and other it will pass the retest. I plan on driving it to get rid of as much of the old gas as possible - in addition to the other.


Howdy, sorry forget that others do not know what little i do about cars. Sea foam is sold at most parts stores. 2 ounces added to oil cleans the inside of the engine -put the rest of the 16 ounce can into your moms gas tank (it clens the fuel system real good) then drive 20 miles or until all the gas is burnt out and add fresh gas when done driving change the oil an filter .
How many miles on the truck? the plugs are good for at least 50,000 miles. When the plugs are worn the emissions go up so that could cause the truck to not pass. Changing the plugs is a easy job if ya unconfortable have a shop do it, will not cost much. Can you check the air filter? the cheapest replacement filters i use in my 86 toy 4 runner are at wally world/ walmart.


This is a '94, and doesn’t use platinums. The plugs are copper plus, Hopefully NGK U-groove (the OEM choice). They are good for 12K, iffy after that.


Two miles is never enough to pass the test. I had this happen to me once with a V8 Chevy. Ten miles of driving should be enough to stabilize operation, and blow out the cobwebs.