Emissions Inspection

My two old cars, a 1992 Buick and a 1982 Ford are due for a NJ State inspection soon. I usually take it to a private garage, but the mechanic charges a lot to get the cars to pass the emissions test. This year, I’d like to take a chance and take the cars to the NJ inspection place.
Other than routine maintenance (change the oil, filters, spark plugs, etc.) are there any special tricks I can do to get the cars to pass? Some people told me to remove the air filter or put a lot of dry gas in the tank. Any ideas will be appreciated.

Why do you believe thay will not pass this year…if they passed last year ?
What’s wrong with them now that you can’t fix ?

This is a link to a thread I started when my 1992 Caprice failed the NJ emissions test. I got some good advice from the other board members and the Caprice passed on the 2nd try.

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Ed B.

Routine maintenance and a good drive of 30 miles or more on the highway should do it. Don’t remove the air filter or put any additives in the gas before the test.

The 82 Ford should still have both the mechanical and vacuum advances on the distributor. Remove the distributor cap and turn the rotor a little to see if it moves. It should move in one direction against some springs, if it doesn’t, the weights are frozen. Spray a little oil, preferably something like seafoam under the plate, it should get to the weights and free them up.

Pull the vacuum hose off the advance and suck through the hose. If you can pull air through it, then the advance diaphragm is rotted away and the advance must be replaced. The ignition timing in the 92 should be controlled by the computer so you don’t have to deal with these.

I agree with Ken. Tell us what your concerns are and perhaps we can offer suggestions.

I Stopped going to the NJ State facility about 15 years ago when they adopted a new drive wheels-to-treadmill type of test. It is suppose to check the exhaust under “driving” conditions; not just idling. The first day they did this was a fiasco. The attendants didn’t know how to use the new equipment. The lines were hours long. I decided to take my cars to a private garage that had the new equippment. The first 2 times they passed. Now, they never pass on the first try. The mechanic has to make some carburator adjustments on the Ford. For the Buick, he told me he has to buy a certain cleansing kit. He runs a cleaning fluid through the fuel system while checking the exhaust. This time, I want to take a chance with the NJ State facility. I awant to see if my mechanic is honest or if he’s pulling my leg to run up a big bill.

Make sure they are at normal operating temp and take them in. You should get a chance to correct any failures that the testing facility pick up.