F250 Problem

I have a 1989 Ford F250 diesel 7.3 liter I believe the engine is made by International.

The problem is the engine died when I was going along at about 65 mph, no sputtering , no noise it just stopper running. I could not get it restarted. I had the PU towed to my home.

What I tested so far is the injectors had fuel and good pressure, no abstraction to air intake, no abstraction to exhaust. I did find that 2 glow plugs were bad and replaced them.

Any Help will be great.

It’s not too old to fix but it is too old to fix. You will be better off trying to replace the truck. I have a feeling that you are wasting your time at this point.

Injector pump might be out of time, if possible. Is the timing chain in good working order? Do you have good fuel? When you turn it over does it sound normal, other then it not starting?

I think nye_guys has the right idea, I would have the injector pump timing checked out.

Also, the 7.3 doesn’t use a timing chain, but does use a gear set which may have failed somewhere.

As for whether or not it’s worth it, either of those problems could be fixed for a few hundred, much less than the value of the truck.