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F150 Motor Swap

Will soon finish bolt-in of replacment 1989 303 in place of 1992 302 for 92 f 150, 2WD. Had to use 92 wire harness to mate with Dist.-used 92. rest- save gage sensors 89. Any trouble to anticipate pre-start up? I thing I got dist TDC position “close”- un sure on how to set vane right on. I miss ponts- carborators. How close must vanr/rotor be to at least start?

Crank it and see what happens. It will start or it won’t…

It can be way off and still start on a 302. Make sure you don’t go on a trip without using a timing light and you will be in great shape.

Hook up your timing light, try to start it, if it doesn’t fire, move the distributor a bit one direction and try it again, if not, move it a bit the other direction. When if fires, time it right away and you’re good.

Remember that the SPOUT connector has to be unplugged while you’re timing it.