Ford Pick-Up Woes

Yes I know what Ford stands for. I have a 1988 F350 Dually with the 460 V8 with Electronic Fuel Injection.

The truck starts fine when cold/cool, catches within seconds and idles smoothly. After the vehicle is has been running and is warm, starting is agonizing, 2 sometimes 3 long grinds, then barely catches, idles rough for several seconds and smells like a gas refinery.

The vehicle has been checked over by a good independent and then a dealer. New MAP sensor, full tune-up at the dealer with OEM parts, replaced fuel injectors and still does it.

Any thoughts or ideas to pursue would be appreciated.



Starter exhaust shield needed. A piece of sheet metal with or without heatproof gasket material glued to it with heatproof sealant. One exhaust pipe clamp. You drill the holes in the sheet metal to match the threaded ends of the U-bolt. Clamp around pipe, sheet metal on, nuts on and tightened, DONE. Shiels as much of the starter as you can from the exhaust pipe. It works good on your truck. It isn’t the first 460 on a one ton to get the cure. I’m thinking that your starter is turning slowly but I couldn’t really tell from your description of the problem.

You should check the fuel pressure regulator. There is a vacuum hose that goes from it to the intake manifold. If the diaphragm in the regulator is perforated it will allow fuel to drain into the intake manifold causing a flooded condition which is what you seem to have. A quick check is to pull that hose off after a warm stop and look for raw fuel inside.

Hope that is it.

Thanks for the idea, have not yet tried it but will, and yes the starter cranks slow when the vehicle is warm. Just checked the electrical system and cleaned battery cable terminals to make sure it was not a current power issue.

Make sure the battery tests okay tnen change the battery cables to #2 wire. You will be amazed at how much better it will crank.