Distributer 1994 Ford F-150 302

So I was having an issue with my Ford F-150 302 it has 269k great truck and sat for 6 months. Did oil change first thing fresh fuel. Ran great for a couple of days. Then it started having trouble accelerating, even when pressing down on gas. Problem got worse so I parked it. When in park it would idle fine, in drive at stop lights it would bog down to 200rpm. Started working on it and figured start with ignition system. Decided to start with distributer due to funds and having a spare motor with less miles I could take parts off. To make a long story short I’ve never messed with a distributor and went at it without basic terminology to help me along the way. Easy swap right!! Well now I have the terminology down cause I messed up somewhere. So I took off The dist. From younger spare motor, planning on replacing whole unit, thought I couldn’t line up the rotor withought using my engine to turn it. So I had the cap off on my truck and cranked the motor so the rotor would be in same position as the one that came off of my spare I know now probably not a good move. Turns out I couldn’t get the distributer unit out anyhow so I just put in the cap and rotor.(while trying to remove dist. I know it turned and moved I put it back close to where it was). Anyways truck is definitely off doesn’t wanna start. I got it close to starting once but it was definitely struggling. IN CONCLUSION, So I cranked and moved the rotor with no cap, moved distributer counter clockwise and clockwise trying to remove it no capnever came out. Put newer cap and rotor on. Doesn’t want to start. Sorry for the long dragging question I’m just stumped and need help thanks.

Cranking the engine with the dist cap removed wouldn’t normally cause any problem. I doubt that’s the cause. I expect you just don’t have the new distributor properly installed. Most of the positions it can be physically installed won’t work. It has to be installed in a particular orientation. If you are able to rotate the engine (by hand) so the number one cylinder is at tdc on its compression stroke, the dist rotor should be pointing at the number one spark plug. That’s the test I’d start with.

Thanks yea I didn’t remove it I couldn’t get it out. I messed up somewhere any idea about my acceleration issue?

Since the truck was unused for 6 months, presuming there are no diagnostic codes, my first suspect is some sort of fuel system problem. I’m not sure what fuel system design you got there, the normal port injection? If so and you are able to measure the fuel pressure, that would be a good place to start. If nothing else replace the fuel filter. If the old filter has a bunch of crud in it, probably gonna have to clean the tank.

The ignition system can be quickly checked with a shop’s o’scope tool. That’s would be my first choice for testing that function.

Removing a distributor is usually fairly easy for the diy’er, but it is only easy when done with the correct procedure. Suggest to google up the info for the proper distributor removal procedure for you truck.

I have a Ford 302 truck too, but older. I had to fix the distributor ignition points recently in a hardware store parking lot … lol … I think the way to remove my distributor (never done it) is to set it to tdc compression, mark the current orientations, remove the hold down clamp, electrical connections, then you just sort of twist it out. I don’t think it will pull out straight up, you have to twist it a little. It wouldn’t be that surprising if it were sort of stuck after being in so long.

I believe so and thanks so much for the help I’ll see how it goes tomorrow thanks George!

Not familiar with that particular model, but on older fords turning the distributor was how one adjusted timing, So maybe the timing is off now.