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F150 - Heater switch only working in high setting

I have a F150 truck with the heater switch now only working in the high setting. For the longest time, it was working in the high and medium high setting and now the medium high setting stopped working.

It’s pretty cold in Wisconsin, so any help would be appreciated.

Believe it or not, not all years of the F-150 are the same. We need to know the year of your truck and if it has manual or automatic climate control in order to really help. Not knowing the year or control type, I can only guess that it is the blower speed resistor. (Assumes that is is manual climate control, and not the newest electronic one.)

Sounds like the blower motor resistor pack is going bad. Usually located under the dash on the passenger side. It is inexpensive (less than 50 bucks) and not too hard to replace.

Model year 2000 with the manual climate control.

The resistor was under the hood on the heater housing for many years but it was too easy to get to so many vehicles put it under the glove bax. I priced one last week for a Dodge Dakota and it was $14 bucks. Trouble is I can’t find it on the truck.