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'95 Ford F-150 Blower switch Dead?

I have a '95 Ford F-150 XL with the 5.0 liter (302 cid) engine. It has air and heat. The air no longer works, but the blower fan switch WOULD blow hot air, when put in the proper position. Now, no matter what speed, I select, nothing happens. ??? I’ve changed the blower resistor panel (wire coils). When I start the motor, the air conditioning compressor will come on for a bit and “growl like hell.” Any ideas? I really need to get the heater blower going as cold weather is coming and I’m a handi-capped driver. Thanks in advance.

It could be the switch. It should be pretty easy to get it out of the dash and jump it out. I hope you have checked the fuses.

did the blower start acting funky by losing speeds? (typically slowest goes first then medium, then high) that would indicate a blower resistor. but, the blower motor can die which hastens the premature death of the resistor. sort of like chasing your tail. which caused the problem… doesnt matter, both have to be fixed.

but you mention the ac compressor. it sounds like another issue if there is ‘noise’

if you can’t figure it out why not go to an AC radiator shop? these guys usually know their stuff.

It is not clear from your message, but I am guessing those resistor coils were burned out and the reason they burned out is the blower motor was going bad and drawing more than the usual power. That would mean a new motor and maybe more resistors.

Good Luck