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F150 Grabbing/Grinding/Weird Noise - only at slow speeds

I have 2003 F150 SuperCrew 5.4L XLT. For past month or so, have been hearing metal rubbing sound and had shakes in braking - as well as a “grabbing and pulling” sound near brake pedal - very aggravating to say the least. Weird thing is the grabbing and pulling sound only happens under 10 miles an hour or coming to a complete stop. (The grabbing sort of sounds like the sound the ABS makes when hit really hard)

Yesterday I had brakes and rotors replaced - mechanic said front rotors were beyond turning - very bad. 135,000 miles on truck. Felt more comfortable until I pulled out of shop and when I applied brakes, had the same grabbing/grinding sound, but no pulling. Went back to mechanic and had him ride with me to hear sound, and he is stumped.

Knew it was safe® to drive since new pads/rotors installed, but when I got up to 55mph and barely touched the brakes, the steering wheel began to shake violently - but no sound/grabbing from brake pedal area like I get when I am 10mph or under. Really at a loss right now…anyone have any idea of what’s going on?

Truck is a 2WD, also hear some thump thump thump sounds from front left tire, which are only one year old, but tire man said that was from suspension arm or something - nothing to worry about he says.

Some people have said “bearing” or “hub” but when brakes were replaced, the bearings were repacked…is this the same thing? Is the current problem safe to drive with? I do not take vehicle out of the county - just to work and back and hunting on weekends.

I would take a real good look at the left front tire for any defects or abnormol tread wear mybe try swithing the tire with the d.s.rear see if that helps or not.