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F150 engine vibration?

I have a 2000 f150, 4.6l v8. I have two symptoms that I think are related but I am not sure. The truck has 92000 miles on it. No trouble codes.

1st. I get a vibration at about 67 mph that seems to pulsate.

2nd. I get a similar vibration at about 1200 rpm in park. This one seems to be much worse when i lift my foot from the accelerator.

I have had-the truck about a month, and just had the tires rotated and balanced.

Any help would be appreciated.

What maintenance as far as plugs, air and fuel filter?

Doesn’t the 4.6 have a harmonic balancer? I’m not sure.

Seeing as how this vibration also happens in park, when you’re…parked…check into that first. I wouldn’t worry about the moving vibration until that’s sorted out. If they’re related, which is very possible, then the moving vibration will go away when you fix the other one.


As far as maintenance, nothing yet, I have had the truck just a few weeks. Tire balance is the only thing besides a set of shocks

I would check for fuel pressure and spark plug fowling that would cause uneven ignition. Also the motor mounts on Ford have broken or loosened for that year.