2002 harley davidson f150 gas pedal vibration

ok i have a harley f150 supercharged with 112000 miles… i notice that when i get on the gas good and get the rpm around 4200 i get a vibration in the gas pedal while it’s in that rpm range … it just does it at that rpm and at no other times does it do it… what could it be ???

That Harley Davidson f150 may require some highly trained technicians. It sounds much too exclusive for common mechanics to deal with. If it were a Ford F-150 I would guess that the rev limiter was interrupting the injector pulses to prevent the engine being destroyed. But I’m just a mechanic.

yeah its fine through the rpm range its fine but 4200 its vibrates and past 4200 no vibration so i dunno… gonna take it in for 100,000 mile tune up so maybe that will help it

If the spark plugs are originals then pray they come out without breaking or bringing the threads with them…

On the offchance this is not an engine performance issue and if it’s not related to any supercharger bypass problem or supercharger coupler problem, maybe it’s an engine balance issue that has cropped up for some reason.

+1 to Rod Knox… :wink:

yeah they are original. i hope they do dealership gonna tackle it

Sounds like Harley built your truck.


If I recall correctly, the Harley Davidson F-150 was really just a trim line

Those vehicles were sold at the Ford dealer and regular warranty


There is no doubt that this is simply a trim level.
I was simply using levity.
The OP stated he had a vibration in his HD edition F150. If you have seen a HD bike at a stop light you may have noticed it vibrates, a lot.

So any F-150 with a misfire and/or collapsed motor mounts is really a Harley special edition . . .