F-250 Starting Problem?

Hey Guys, I love my Ford Truck so please don’t walk all over me with the FIX OR REPAIR DAILY STUFF. Anyways i have a 2003 Ford f250 Superduty. The other day i arrived at school after about a 20 min. drive. I turned it off for a second and realized i was parked in the wrong lot (Wasnt thinking) anyways i went to turn the key again and my dash board lights flickered like crazy and a rapid clicking sound came from under the steering column.

It reset my trip odometer and my cd player buffer. I kinda have a feeling its the celenoid but i would love to hear some opinions, thanks guys

It also has the original Battery in it and this baby has 130,000 miles


It could be a battery failure. I have had batteries that fail abruptly without any warning. Try jump starting the truck and see what happens

The battery(ies?) very well could be bad and need to be replaced. I would have it checked out when you get going again. First clean the battery connections using a battery post cleaning brush to see if that will fix this trouble. Make sure the connections are snug when reconnecting them and don’t over tighten them.

You should also get the charging system checked out to make sure it doesn’t have any problem.

Thanks guys, i think its the battery too, it had heavy corosion about a week ago and i cleaned it, i guess i was just buying time, better get this fixed before we get the snow storm

Ok guys, now the real question, What kind of battery would you recommend (my parents are paying for it) so the sky is the limit.