Extracting stuck cassette from Buick tape player

I have a '93 Buick with a tape stuck in the player. When you press the eject button you can hear to motor try to pop the tape out but it doesn’t move more than a fraction of an inch. After a couple of seconds the motor stops whirring and the tape settles right back where it was. The tape doesn’t work anymore and with it stuck in the player, I can’t even use the radio. Even if the player itself is beyond hope, I want to get the tape out and hopefully be able to use the radio. Help?

Try using a pair of pliers with really long, skinny …jaws? Hit reject and pull it out when it starts to move. Not sure if you can save the tape but you may still be able to use the player - that’s how it turned out for me!

Yeah, I’d just hit eject and pry that sucker outta there.

Remove the tape player and take the cover off it. When you get the tape out, throw away the player and get a CD player. They play well and don’t cost a heck of a lot.

Yep, been there. The player is shot. Just have to keep prying and pulling on it while working with the eject button.

“i second that emotion”!