2002 hyundai cassette player

Tape is stuck! How to remove it or remove the face plate to get to it?

Do you really need the tape? For the most part these players are really disposable, so when one goes bad your best move is to put a new one in, that is if the car is in decent shape otherwise.

You’ll probably have to remove the entire radio/cassette player and disassemble it to get the tape back. I doubt the faceplate can be removed while the unit is still in the dashboard.

The tape is not important but I would like to remove it from the unit.

You can try a long and thin screw driver or something like that and use it as a lever under the cassette and see if it will pop out. Usually you can try this with the player in different modes, on/off/play/rewind etc. By doing this you might break the unit or tear the cassette, but probably less work than taking the whole unit out.