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Exterior and Interior Protectant

My wife just bought a 2010 Mazda3 and of course the dealer offered the car paint protectant called “polysteel”. I know it is often foolish to purchase these extras, but I wanted to know if anyone has ideas on this product. I found a lot on “simonizing” which seems to be a glorified waxing. Anyway, the polysteel was offered at $395 with a 5 year warranty. The car is black and the only reason I would even consider it is for the interior. They promise that if a stain cannot be cleaned, they will replace the covering, etc. Also, it covers “door dings”… up to to 5 in which we would pay $50 for anything up to $250 worth of damage. No idea what a door ding would cost especially if figure in painting, etc. Any help would be appreciated.

Polysteel is wax. Don’t bother. As for the interior, don’t bother.

It is absolutely certain that they’re making a huge profit on this, don’t buy it.

It’s all glorified wax and Scotch Guard and before relying on any verbal promises about what will be done I’d want to see it in writing.
Verbal statements are worth as much as the paper they’re written on.

One trip through a car wash will remove that “paint protectant” so cost effective it’s not.

These products are offered under 10,000 different names and it’s all part of the ADP Program (Additional Dealer Profit) and to boost the salesman’s commission check. :slight_smile: