Exporting a car to Hungary in EU

Hi I was wondering if anyone knew anything about registering 1998 Honda Accord 4 Cylinder in Hungary.


CA registered

I called the Hungarian embassy and they need to know the size of the engine in centimeters. It’s a 4 cylinder. But was hoping someone could help with any part of this question.

Thank you!

220K miles!? Why bother with the expense of shipping it to Europe?

That is very odd that they would want to know the size of the engine. Anyway, it’s a 4 cylinder engine, 2.3 Liters, which equals 2300 cc.

I would tend to agree with not bothering to import it just in terms of cost of shipping it and issues with having it serviced there. I’m not really up on my Hungarian auto regulations, but your car may or may not already meet them. You might have to try a little harder to find out what they are.

It looks like the 4-cylinder that year was a 2.3 liter, which converted to CC’s would be 2,300. They probably want to know because many European countries tax cars based on the size of the engine.

I agree with the others who questioned the wisdom of spending the shipping costs on a car that already has over 200k on the odometer. Trust me, they do sell cars–both new and used–in Hungary.

Have you checked the cost to transport it? If you are not paying for it, that might not matter. How long will Hungary allow you to keep it, and will they make you take it back to the USA when you leave? Some foreign countries will let you bring a car in and use it for a year or two. Then you have to take it away or scrap it. I don’t know what the rules are, but the embassy can give you that information if they haven’t already.

Thank you everyone!

I love my honda–I’ve never had any problems with it!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it!