Just found this show WOW now here is something we should export to the UK you guys are brilliant. Question: Does any body no if the European Ford Transit (not the connect) is coming to the US, wikipedia says that it will be here this year, I have contacted ford on 2 accations now and they have failed to give a yes or no answer. I am in the market for one or it will be a sprinter.

They are (they’re getting rid of the Econoline) but I don’t know the timing.

Next year. From Truck Trend magazine “Watch for production of the Transit to start in the first half of 2013 at Ford’s Avon Lake, Ohio, plant.”

Read more: http://www.trucktrend.com/future/spied/163_news1202_2013_ford_transit/index.html#ixzz1n97WKqU7

The “guys” rarely if ever visit here, but I’m sure they’d appreciate your compliments.

If the salesmen you contacted are anything like the ones I’ve left my name with, they’ll definitely call you if one comes in. And perhaps every week thereafter for six months.

It’s already for sale in Canada, usually a test market before entry into the USA. The Canadian post office will soon equip their letter carriers with them. NIce vehicle and very practical.

Don’t buy a Sprinter. We bought 3 of them 3 years ago and they have been terrible. Blown engines, blown turbos, electrical problems with no end and excessive body rust. Terrible body and hardware integrity. We just ordered 3 new Chevy 1 ton vans. They will get half the fuel mileage (19 Sprinter diesel/11 Chevy gas) but in the long run will be far cheaper to operate. Biggest mistake we ever made. We replace 3 vans every 3 years on a 9 year life and don’t think they are going to make it.

I don’t know much about them but according to the Autoblog, they are going to assembled in the KC plant as the T series where the F series trucks are now.

I’m reading where the Nissan NV, a competitor for the Transit is made in Canton, Miss. Other then reading, we generally know little about their reliability other then Nissan makes great Marine products and cars and trucks with some times mixed reviews. An absolute necessity would be a reliable service center or dealership.

“An absolute necessity would be a reliable service center or dealership.”

While not available at every Nissan dealer, there seems to be a decent network. There are 10 Nissan Commercial Vehicle dealers in the DC/Baltimore metro area. That’s about one third of the Nissan Motors dealerships in the same area.