Am I the first one to buy one of these vehicles?


I just bought a Transit Connect. Although I have only just over 500 miles on it I like the vehicle very much. It holds all my stuff ('til I buy more) and I find it comfortable to drive.

Here’s the thing; the only other one I’ve seen on the road was a parts delivery vehicle for a Ford dealer. Has anyone else encountered one on the road?


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The Transit is common as dirt in the UK; it has been in production since the 60s. I’m not familiar with the “Connect”, however.

Where do you live?


I’ve seen several around Dallas, but they’re all commercial versions. Seems that’s where Ford’s trying to make the most sales, but the 5-passenger version does look very practical.


There are a few out there, in a few years you’ll have lots of company on the roads. At the Detroit Auto Show Ford received a “major” award for the Transit. It is a good vehicle and meets the needs of decent cargo capacity and lower fuel use. Congrats for being one of the first to see the value of such a small truck, or van, or wagon, or whatever it is for you.

Yes, I’ve seen 2 on the road so far and hope to see more.


Ford just began selling these to the consumer market here in the U.S. They seem to be selling well.

I work right by a Ford dealership, and they had them out front a few months back when they first hit the U.S. market.


I, too, seen several on the local Ford lot recently and can see several companies snapping them up for new in-town delivery trucks.


Maybe in your town but we’ve sold three already in thes town of only 30,000.
Just don’t lose the key.


These have been popular in Europe for a few years now. There will be tons of these in the near future.
These are made in Turkey and because of some convoluted tax laws they come over on the boat with rear glass and passenger seats. It’s cheaper than sending a cargo version. Then the seats are pulled and shredded. Then sent to a landfill and the metal is recycled. The glass is cut out, recycled and metal panels are installed in their place. That is how a Transit Connect cargo van enters the U.S.


The Transit Connect is a different vehicle from the Transit. The Transit is a full-sized van, the Connect is a little car-based thing with a big box on the back.


Indeed, you see Transits everywhere in Poland, too… But I’ve never seen a Ford, by any name, that looked like this Transit Connect. It makes me think of a Renault Kangoo with a missing rear window.