2005 Ford Explorer stalls after startup

My truck starts right up, then immediately almost stalls or stalls completely. It also shakes a little when idling while its in Park. I just recently had my egr valve, pcv valve, spark plugs&wires, and fuel filter replaced. it has 104,000 miles on it. What could be causing it to do this?

It could be many things, one of which is the IAC valve.*
Since they already have tried to fix this problem, do you know whether they have checked your fuel pressure?

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Thanks for the reply. This model actually doesnt have an IAC valve. I checked the throttle body which didnt appear to be to dirty and checked the MAF sensor which also looked clean.

I don’t think they checked the fuel pressure.

Does it do this stalling for them or is it intermittent?

It’s intermittent. Whey they changed the erg valve it seemed to go away. The the issue started again so i took it back to have the spark plugs, pcv valve and fuel filter replaced (which all had to be done regardless). Again, it seemed to stop doing it for a few days. Now its back to the stalling issue. Thanks for helping.

Your vehicle does have an Idle Air Control valve. Here’s what it looks like http://www.partsgeek.com/catalog/2005/ford/explorer/air_intake/idle_air_control_valve.html

Start the engine, open the hood and with the handle of a screwdriver rap on the IAC valve. If doing this causes the idle speed to change replace the IAC valve.


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If it ends up being the IAC, you can often just clean them with carb or throttle cleaner, like I mentioned above.
Cleaning it doesn’t cost much, is usually easy to do yourself and will only make it better.

Hmm ok thanks for the info. I did read somewhere that this model didnt have an IAC valve. i can’t seem to find it anywhere. Any idea where it is located? I have searched online but couldn’t find anything that helped.

The IAC valve is mounted on the throttle body.


Here is a picture of the the throttle body motor i believe? Still not seeing where the IAC is?? thanks Tester for helping out i appreciate it a lot

Had this problem tuns out maf sensor was the issue