Exploding directional bulbs

I know this sounds somewhat odd ( at least it does to me ) however I have an ongoing issue with one turn signal bulb (front left) which will explode 1-3 days after being replaced - The car is a 1999 Corvette Convertable and I have had the problem for the past 6 years -
My only solution has been to use LED bulbs - but they done look right .

Any ideas would be welcome

My best guess is that moisture is getting into the housing for the turn signal.
When enough water hits the surface of a hot bulb, it is possible for the glass to shatter.

The solution could be to get a new gasket (which might be impossible, in view of the age of the vehicle), or to seal it yourself with caulking.

Moisture was my first guess as well. Another possibility is that the bulb is loose somehow, so that it’s always vibrating.

While I cant be 100% certain - over all these years I think all of the time the bulb was changed when is was dry (otherwise I would not do it) and rain as a water source seems do not seem likely all these times. Vibration could be happinging - but I have had other cars with loose live bulbs work for years - yet new bulbs in this spot never last more than a few days - sometime a few hours. Could this be electrical?

@Ripgear…if the bulbs are not blowing because of moisture then the only other thing I can think of is a bad receptacle that is grounding out the bulbs. I would inspect the receptacle very carefully inside and out.

I’m going to agree with Missileman on this. Repeated exploding bulbs would suggest that there’s an occasional arc outside but in immediate proximity to the bulb. The instant heat from the arc right at a crutial point on the bulb must be causing it to break.