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Hi. I have a 2008 chevy trailblazer. I have a problem in the engine. Whenever I fuel it, the petrol station’s engine stops many times. I stay late 2 fill it and it stops fuel flowing into the tank many times. A mechanic told me to change the canister, 2 parts behind the fuel tank, but to no avail. The light is still orange in the speed board.

Take it to a local auto parts store and ask them to read the trouble code indicated by the “check engine” light. They will do that for free. Write down the code number, like P0123, and report it back here.

Most likely the code is for a problem in the evaporative emissions control system that’s not letting the gas tank vent properly while you fill it with gas.

Fill it on slow and skip the expense.

I’ve found that if you pull the nozzle out about 1/2" from all the way in, it greatly reduces the number of click-offs. I had this issue occasionally with my SUV, and figure it has something to do with the vapor recovery system of the station more than the truck itself. I never touched the evap system of my truck, but haven’t had this problem in the last year or so.