Fill gas tank

Having trouble filling gas tank, the pump nozzle keeps cutting off. Have to fill by dribbling the fuel in until filled. Anyone know what the problem might be?

It’s am EVAP system problem.
What year, how many miles, do you “top off” when you fill the tank?
Oh, and have the stored codes read at a local parts store and post them here.

Have you tried different filling stations.

I was initially worried that I had an evap problem on my 1999 Benz. Same problems as your car.
Yet no fault codes of any kind.

I tried a different filling station. Was able to fill up at regular speed. I won’t go back to that first place for awhile.

I believe nozzles have a vapor recovery function built in. It sometimes severely impedes the filling process.

If this problem is recent – i.e. that you’ve been able to refill w/no problem before – and you haven’t switched gas stations, most likely TSB is on the money, some kind of evap problem. There’s several possible things that could be causing it though. Some diagnostics are required. Take a look below for some general info on this subject. Might prove helpful in communicating with your mechanic. This is a fairly common problem reported here, and is usually fairly easy – but not necessarily cheap – to solve. Best of luck.

So we finally got the gas tank to replace fuel after replacing the cannister, air vent filter, and tank filter. In the process the gas gauge quit working. You can still view it on the dash, but it only moves about an inch from full to empty,etc. We replaced the sensor but it still wouldn’t budge. We’ve got a good $400 into this project so far. Any idea to get the gauge working again?

I’d bet the float is hanging up on something. I know you changed it, but I’d take a second look, perhaps even make some physical measurements.

Doggoned EVAP systems cause more problems…