Expensive oil or fluid change on front and rear end!

I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty 4x4,dealer wants about 400.00 to change Front+rear axle fluids at 30,000 mi.How much work is involved in this? I thought just open drain plugs and refill!

Your first step is to read your owner’s manual thoroughly and see if it calls for these actions at this mileage. Dealers have been known to persuade customers into unnecessary services or to insist these services be performed much more frequently than truly required. Your owner’s manual is the umpire.

If the manual indeed calls for these services at 30,000 miles, have them done but not at the dealership. Fluid changes can be performed by any independent shop, typically at great savings. Save your receipts for warranty purposes, if ever needed. In general, there is no reason ever to take your Jeep back to the dealer for any servicing other than free warranty work.

I believe the manual does say change it at 30,000. It’s not a difficult job, but a little more complicated than just opening a plug to drain. I’m not sure what axles your Liberty has, but on the typical Dana 30 or 35 you have to remove the differential cover to drain the oil. Just put a drain pan under it, remove all but one at the top, loosen that one. Take a putty knife or screw driver and pry the cover open and the oil runs out. Then take the cover the rest of the way off and clean it completely. Be sure to also clean the differential where the cover mounts. Using RTV, put a bead around the cover. Be sure you go all around the holes. Replace and re-fill with the fluid shown in your owner’s manual. It’s easier if you get one of the $8 pumps from WalMart or you can just get some plastic hose from Home Depot that will fit over the spout on the gear oil bottle. Fill it up until it starts to come out, replace plug. Total cost should be less than $30 for everything you need, probably take you an hour to do it.

They really are overcharging for that. They get the fluid from Venezuela (no).

Do you have a regular mechanic since the dealer is quite expensive. I had the oil and filter, transmission and filter, transfer case, and the front and rear differential fluids changed on my 2000 Blazer a few years back. I think the total bill was less than $250 from my local mechanic. Subtracting the oil change (~35) and transmission fluid and filter (~110), my mechanic charged around $100 for the transfer case and differential fluid changes. I had this done at 45k and will have it done again since the truck has reached 90k.

Ed B.

Thanks for your input (edb1961). I got this 2005 Jeep Liberty 4x4 at L&B Dodge.I would take it some place cheaper or do it myself ,but I worry about them giving me a hard about warranty issues in the future !I have extended coverage ( 7yr.-70,000 mi.)on it.

Just keep good records (receipts) showing the work done and the materials used. The warranty will be fine.